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List P

 P E A C EThere are commentsmp3-link
 Pa dig min Gud fortrostar jagThere are commentsmp3-link
 Paint The Town Red [Мы идем]There are comments
 Painter of the sky [Художник Небес]
 Pan De Vida (Espanol)mp3-link
 Panis angelicus
 Party [Праздник]
 Paul Wilbur [Worthy, Святий, Ти є Господь слави]There are commentsmp3-link
 People Get Free [Свободу нам дал]
 People Get Readymp3-link
 People Get Readymp3-link
 People just like us [Все народы]
 People, People
 Perfect LoveThere are comments
 PhenomenonThere are commentsmp3-link
 Phil Wickham - This Is Amazing Grace [Phil Wickham - Чудова Благодать]
 Picture Perfect Worldmp3-link
 Pilot Memp3-link
 Place In This World
 Place In This World
 Planetshakers - Alive Again
 Planetshakers - Its Christmas
 Playing For Keeps
 Poderoso Dios (Espanol)mp3-link
 Poema de Salvacion (Espanol)mp3-link
 Poetically Correctmp3-link
 Point Of DifferenceThere are commentsThere are notes for the given song
 Point of Life
 Por Su Sangre (Espanol)mp3-link
 Por Ti (Espanol) [Go]mp3-link
 Por Ti /TABS/ (Espanol) [Go]mp3-link
 Porcelain Heart
 PortraitThere are comments
 Pour [Ливень]
 Pour my love on Yoump3-link
 Pour Out My Heart [Вот опять пред Тобой; Боже мой пред Тобой]
 Power [Сила]There are commentsmp3-link
 Power Of The Cross
 Power of Your Love [Измени меня]There are comments
 Power of Your Love [Измени меня]There are comments
 Power of Your Love [Измени меня]There are comments
 Power of Your Love [Мощь Твоей любви...]There are comments
 Power Of Your Namemp3-link
 Praise AdonaiThere are comments
 Praise AdonaiThere are comments
 Praise AdonaiThere are comments
 Praise Awaits You
 Praise HimThere are comments
 Praise His Holy Name [Мы будем славить]There are comments
 Praise is beautiful
 Praise is Beautiful
 Praise Looks Good On You [Хвала тебе к лицу]There are comments
 Praise Overflows [Льется хвала]There are commentsmp3-link
 Praise the Father, Praise the Son [Слава - Отче, Слава - Син (переклад Євгенія Середюка); Слава - Отче, Слава - Сын (перевод Евгения Середюка)]There are comments
 Praise the Lord
 Praise To The Lord, The Almightymp3-link
 Praise You
 Praise You in this stormThere are commentsThere are notes for the given song
 Pray For Me
 Prayer [Мольба (НС)]
 Prayer For A Friend
 Prayer you are (translated by Eugene Seredyuk) [Du ar en bon; Ти молитва (переклад Євгенія Середюка)]mp3-link
 Prepare The Way
 Prepare ye the way [Готуємо шлях (переклад Євгенія Середюка); Готовьте пути (перевод Евгения Середюка)]mp3-link
 Press OnThere are comments
 Preсious price (translated by Eugene Seredyuk) [Дорогой ценой (НС), Дорогу ціну (переклад Євгенія Середюка)]There are commentsmp3-link
 Prince Of Peace [Мира Принц]mp3-link
 Privind la munti
 ProdigalThere are comments
 Promise of a Lifetime
 Prosto letay
 Psalm 150There are comments
 Psalm 150mp3-link
 Psalm 19 (May the Words of My Mouth) [Псалом 18 (Все слова уст моих)]
 Psalm 2
 Psalm 23There are comments
 Psalm 23 (I Am Not Alone) [feat. Joshua Sherman] [Псалом 22 (Я не одинок)]There are comments
 Psalm 73 (My God's Enough)
 Psalm 91
 Psalm 91 [Псалом 90]
 Psalm 91 [Псалом 90]
 Psalm 93
 Psalms 23 [Иисус мой Пастырь]
 Pure Light
 Purified [Очищений (переклад Євгенія Середюка); Очищенный (перевод Евгения Середюка)]mp3-link
 Pursuit (feat. Kim Walker Smith)There are commentsmp3-link
 Push/PullThere are commentsmp3-link
 Put in Memp3-link
 Put Your Heart in me