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Be The Praise Of My Heart

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  • Artist: Phillips, Craig And Dean
  • Album: Let the Worshipers Arise
  • Language: English
  • Track Number: 7
  • Selected by: Eugene Seredyuk
  • Тематика: Поклонение  Прославление  
  • Songs of the album:


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Be The Praise Of My Heart

Intro: Ab Absus:|

Verse 1:
         Db             Ab           Db           Eb   
Not just a song I sing to you and not just some motions
that I’m going through
                  Bb sus      Bbm7           Absus    Ab
You know me well, you see my life, the good and the bad
                Bbm7            Ab                     
    Bbm7      Eb           Fm
You see beyond, the face that I wear, and You see my
soul laid open and bare.
          Bb      Db                  Ebsus
Here in this place, this is my hope, this is my prayer.

                Ab         Ab/C        Db             
Bbm7                        Eb/G
The Praise of my heart, the worship I bring, the life
that I live is the song that I sing,
   Ab                   Db             Bbm7        Ab  
Let it be real, each note that I play, every moment of
every  day,
                Bbm7 Bbm7/Ab                        Bbm7
Bbm7/Ab   Bbm7 Bbm7/Ab   
Be the praise of my heart,            be the praise of
my heart,                     be the praise of my heart.

Verse 2:
                Ab                     Db              
 Ab Db   Eb Fm
Not just with my lips, and not from afar, let me draw
close the beauty You are
    Eb            Db         Ab  Ab sus
Here in Your heart to see in your face, that’s my desire
       Db              Ab                Db   Eb         Fm
One thing I ask, one thing I seek, to dwell in Your
house, to sit at your feet,
           Bb/D         Db         Eb sus
To look in Your Eyes and gaze on the One, who makes me


Bb  Bb/Ab  Eb Ebsu   |  Gb          Bb  Bb/Ab  Eb  
Heart,              Be the praise of my heart,

|:Eb Ebsus:| (Ad Lib Ending)

Artist: Phillips, Craig, and Dean
Album: Let the Worshipers Aries
Written By: Dan Dean, Gary Sander
Released: 2004


Added: 02 ноя 2012 | Eugene

  • Guest | 02 Ноябрь 2012, 21:36:24 Какая классная песня! Может у кого-то есть перевод?