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This Was Good

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"This Was Good"
by Rita Springer | from the album Effortless

A spoken Universe out of the empty deep
Creation pleading to be told to breathe
Sea and sky night and day
Every star with a name and this was good

Creatures of the land and sea and every breathing thing
flying birds taught to sing and, so it was and so became
Perfect beauty, perfect way and this was good

This was good, this was God
And, this, was g-ood

Dust and mud, the image o-f
God wrapped up in us, him and her
In likeness touched by, hands of glory
Hands of love and, this was good
(This was good)

Rain to fall and wind to bl-ow
Fish to swim and beast to roam
The voice of God and it was so
It’s not good for man to be al-one


Oh rider of the wings of wind
Your design and our sin
Still has You in long-ing
Hold my hand and voice became a world of disappointment
You’re the One who is the same
The One who is still believ-ing
That this w-orld’s g-ood
This world is g-ood
Yeah yeah yeah


Living things both large and small remember He who made you
Heaven and Earth and all that is
Recall the voice that saved you

(This was good this was God)


Added: 21 мар 2013 | Eugene