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  • Artist: Skillet
  • Album: Hey You, I Love Your Soul
  • Language: English
  • Track Number: 8
  • Selected by: ruspat
  • Other name: Возьми
  • Songs of the album:


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Take my strength, take my pride,
Take my selfishness away
Take my rights, take ambition,
Capture me, make me a slave
Break the walls, break my bones,
Break my hardened heat
Rip my rule, rip my will,
Rip independency apart

Breathe Your life,
Breathe Your love,
Breathe You breath and Im sustained

Take my hate, take my hurt,
Express healing to my pain
Take my flesh in all its arrogance, my stability away
Take my life, bring fire, til only You remain

Laid out on my face (yea)
My tongue hanging out to taste (yea)
Of You and Your death (yea)
And to know Your name (yea)

Accept my gifts, take my crowns,
I spread them at your feet
When I bleed, I bleed with joy as I taste Your suffering
Flood life, flood peace, speak acceptance to my shame
Allow to kneel, allow to praise,
Give the right to speak Your name

Laid out on my face (yea)
My tongue hanging out to taste (yea)
Of You and Your death (yea)
And to know Your name (yea) [repeat]

Laid out on my face
Wanting to know your name [repeat]


Added: 31 янв 2011 | ruspat