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Skin Is Burning

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Skin Is Burning

by Burlap to Cashmere

When the darkness falls early, 

And the light hits the ground 

There's a moment to be captured 

So I sit here with silence 

In the makes of my eyes 

Talking to you, who left before 

I don't know why 

I don't know why 

These things, I cannot . . . 

It comes with the gig, 

I feel it dwelling 

The friends, away, afraid of me 

And I know I'm near, 

But my pride is selling 

Trading for hearts of humble peers 

Trading for hearts of humble peers 

And she comes with the son, 

Her light is shining, beaming with love 

Flying to the ocean, 

And I, I know the seagulls 

When I see her flying 

Reaching out to the bones 

That are casually roasting 


And my skin is burning 

With the fire of the world. 

Sometimes my eyes are tricking me 

But when the words of His song 

Are singing through the birds 

I can't help but die, so He can take me higher 

I can't help but die, so He can take me higher 

And this dark small pain 

Grows like cancer 

Sometimes her eyes are speaking to me 

But when the flesh is gone, 

My soul is all I travel by, 

And my guitar will vanish like the earth and the sea 

Yes, my guitar will vanish like the earth 



Added: 16 май 2012 | Eugene