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Revival in the Land

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Revival in the Land

album "Revival in the Land" (1994), track 10

In the center of the caverns of hell, hidden under
layers of evil that have thrived for centuries, sits the
morbid domain of the prince of the power of the air.
Suddenly, a scaly creature disrupts Satan's ghastly
existence with an urgent message. It reads, "Code red
problem, conference needed, disaster forecasted!" With a
disgusted annoyance this general of evil agrees to
confer with his chief demon lieutenant. This is the
story of that encounter

Satan: You may enter.
Demon: My Lord Satan.
Satan: State your business and make it fast.
Demon: Sir, we're having problems of cataclysmic
Satan: Where?
Demon: In the east sector, sir. The damage is vast.

Satan: Is there something wrong with my abortion clinics?
Demon: No, sir, that's all fine. We kill 4,000 unborn a
day through, shall we say, surgical removal. It's
selective breeding. We eliminate human life in the name
of convenience like the Nazis and the Jews and with the
government's approval.

Satan: Is there a problem with my pet project,
television violence?
Demon: Sir, it's covered, from videos to cartoons. By
the time a child graduates high school, he's seen 70,000
Satan: Is this effective enough?
Demon: Sir, just watch the news.

Satan: Is there a disturbance in my false religions?
Demon: No sir, business is booming. Over 40 million are
into New Age and Zen. Over 45 million believe in astrology.
Satan: Looks like we're catching up.
Demon: Yes, sir. Only 50 million claim to be born again.

Satan: Is there a problem with business in general?
Demon: Sir, we're showing tremendous progress. Teenage
runaways, each year a million or more. There's a teen
suicide every ninety minutes and your specialty, drunk
driving, will claim more lives this year that the whole
Vietnam war.

Satan: Well is there a disturbance in my... What was that?
Demon: Sir, that's the reason all these demons are on
crutches and wobbling.
Satan: What's going on?
Demon: Sir, that's what I've been trying to tell you.
Satan: What is that?
Demon: Sir, that is our problem.

Satan: Only one thing causes warfare of this magnitude.
Demon: Then, sir, you know what we are dealing with up
Satan: Yes, it's some of those sanctified
Demon: Try blood bought
Satan: Spirit filled
Demon: Saints of God
Satan: Actually
Demon: Presently
Satan & Demon: On their knees in prayer!
Demon: Sir, they're literal holy terrors. They bind us,
cast us out. Then they do those disgusting charismatic
jigs. They quote scriptures like the Son of God and,
sir, if you don't intervene we all might wind up in a
bunch of pigs.

Demon: Sir, that's the good news. The bad news is the
subject of their prayers that threatens our survival.
What they're praying for is causing hemorrhaging in the
realms of darkness.
Satan: And the bad news is?
Demon: Sir, they're praying for revival!

Satan: I hate revival! It just erupts, it's hardly
controllable. At the Azusa street outpouring things got
Demon: Yes sir, and when the charismatic movement hit,
sir, we were jumping out of windows with all that "untie
my bowtie who stolla my honda" stuff.

Satan: Then I'll come in like a flood.
Demon: But they'll say the Spirit of the Lord will lift
up a standard against you.
Demon: It's written in the Word.
Satan: I'll form weapons against them.
Demon: Sir, no weapon formed against them shall prosper.
That's in the Bible, too.
Satan: Yes, I've heard. I'll hit them with every filthy,
lusty thought you could imagine.
Demon: But it's written, "resist the devil and he must
Satan: Obviously, the enemy is taking the battle more
seriously than we are.
Demon: And that's very dangerous, sir, especially for me.

Satan: It's time to launch my final, most vicious
attack. I'll remind the saints of their past- how they
were liars, cheaters, manipulators and moochers.
Demon: But sir, you know what will happen if you remind
the saints of their past.
Satan: And what is that?
Demon: Sir, they'll just remind you of your future.

Attention all Saints of God, man your battle stations!
Sound the alarm loud and long to all men of every nation!
We're kicking down the gates of hell, not stopping till
they're level.
For the sentence of destruction's on the forehead of the

Lift your hands in victory, this is our finest hour!
For this sleeping giant called the church is rising up
in power!
Cry loud, spare not, this lion's got a roar!
We may have lost some battles, but we will win this war!

We've made it through the fire and our faith in God is
We're a revelation generation with fire in our bones!
We're filled up with the Holy Ghost, trusting in the Bible!
Fasten your seat belts, saints of God, the world is
breaking forth in a Revival!

Revival is coming to our land
The Holy Ghost is moving just like a hurricane
Revival is coming to our shore
Get ready for the moving of the Spirit of the Lord

Last Chorus:
It's what we've been waiting for
It's what we've been praying for
From America to England
From Africa to Spain
From Mexico to China
The Spirit of God is being poured out
On all flesh and there is
Revival in the land!


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