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Changed Forever (Feat. Nirva Ready)

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  • Artist: TobyMac
  • Album: Tonight
  • Language: English
  • Track Number: 6
  • Selected by: VeD
  • Songs of the album:


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I'd heard Your name, but never seen Your face 
Been touched before but never Your embrace 
Had a soul to lose and the world to gain 
But then You whispered my name 

And I heard the truth but never from Your lips 
Bought the lies of many counterfeits 
Dreamed my dreams, but they were never in color 
And I searched for You and many others 

I was down for the count 

Then I saw Your face 
Just a glimpse of Your face, and my whole world changed 
Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever 
Changed forever now 
Then I saw Your face 
One glimpse of Your face, it's a whole new game 
Then I saw Your face, and I was changed forever 
Yours forever now 

If I could reach the stars, I could touch the sky 
And if I spread my wings, I could almost fly 
I had everything paper could buy 
I was lost in my disguise 

And if I played my role, they would feel my style 
If I bought the night they would buy my smile 
I've been runnin' this game for a million miles 
Believin' my own lies 

I was down, I was out 

I was blinded by my selfish dreams 
Everything ain't what it seems 
From inside to out, there ain't no doubt 
I been changed 

NOTHING SHORT OF satisfaction 
Your love caused a change reaction 
I can tell you this much I FELT your touch 
And I'm changed 

When I was down for the count, YOUR love surrounded me 
Blink of an eye 
I saw my destiny 

Change, rearranged 'cause I couldn't maintain 
The heart it took to even stay in the game 
One look in Your eyes even I realized 
A fellow like me had been put down to size 
To be built up in a better way, Your way 
Yahweh ain't about to fade 
Bombastic, ain't no way to mask it 
I saw Your face, and my old way's blasted 

I'm Yours forever now


Added: 30 авг 2012 | VeD