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Burning in the Sky

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Burning in the Sky
Jason Upton

Capo 3

Am                G             Dm
You've stayed too long upon this mountain
Am              G           DMaj
It's time you journey to the sea
Am            G             Dm
Sometimes to trust in your false comfort
Am       G            Dmaj   E/G#
Is easier than trusting me 
A    E/A B/A      A       E/A  Bm/A  C#m/A    Dmaj   E/G#
Some men only believe in what their eyes can see
A    E/A B/A      A       E/A  Bm/A  C#m/A    Dmaj  
Some men only believe in what their minds conceive

Dm                     A/C#
But believing�s like conceiving
This child that we�re receiving
A gift beyond our reason
                    Dm                        Em
Its more of what we need, and less of what we know
                    FMaj                      G#Maj(sus)
It calls not to our mind, but cries out to our soul

Am              G/B           C
That mountain�s burning in the sky
       F        G(sus)
To the heart of heaven
Am          G/B             C
Without the fire we�ll never fly
        F       G(sus)
To the heart of heaven
Am      G/B            C
Can you hear God�s holy cry
         F       G(sus)
From the heart of heaven
Am                       G/B             
Lay it all down, lay it all down
        C               F        G(sus)
Lay it all down, for the heart of heaven


Added: 24 июн 2008 | Eugene