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Behold The Lamb

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  • Artist: Robin Mark
  • Album: Fly: Live From Ireland Songs
  • Language: English
  • Track Number: 10
  • Selected by: Eugene Seredyuk
  • Тематика: Поклонение  Прославление  
  • Songs of the album:


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G D Em
O Behold the Lamb,
C Am D D7
Wounded and dying for those who crucified Him.
G D Em C D G
O Behold the Lamb, Holy Lamb of God
O Behold the Lamb,
Slain for the nations, this fallen creation
O Behold the Lamb, Holy Lamb of God
G D Em C Am D D7
O Behold the Lamb, empty the third day the grave where
my Lord lay
G D Em C D G
O Behold the Lamb, Risen Lamb of God
D Em D C
Proclaim release onto the captives, and to the blind
that they shall see
D C Am
For I will clothe in Zion all who seek my face with the
garments of praise and the
robe of righteousness
G D Em
Risen King of Glory
C Am D
I your servant am
Em D Em D C D G
Unto my Lord be the power and the Glory, O Behold the Lamb
O Behold the Lamb, Coming in glory the Nations before You
O Behold the Lamb, Conquering Lamb of God
Open the gates of the strongholds, the King of Glory
enters in
Fallen fallen are you great Babylon, for the victory is
won by the power of the Son
Satan, you are vanquished, by this Son of Man,
All men and angels fall down on their faces, O Behold
the Lamb.




Added: 15 авг 2012 | Eugene