by Chris Tomlin

E                   A
Gonna outshout the heavens now
E                    A
Gonna sing loud and drown the sea out
E                    A
Gonna celebrate the life I found,
          E   A
I found, I'm found

E               A
I was blind but now I see
E                 A
I was lost but He rescued me
E                       A                   E     A
He saved the day and He set me free, set me free, now
I'm free

            E   A     E             E
We're gonna p - arty, I can feel it down inside
E   A     E          A
P - arty, I was dead now I'm alive

E                 A
Anybody feel like dancing?
E                 A
Anybody feel like singing along?
E                 A
Anybody feel like shouting?
E              A
Anybody feel a party going on?