King Of Kings, Majesty

Written by Jarrod Cooper

Intro:      D/F#  G  D/F#  G

Verse 1:

D/F#     G     D/F#  G
King of Kings, Majesty
G      C/G     D/G       G
God of Heaven, Living in me
       G        D/F#    G
Gentle Saviour, Closest Friend
G          C           D         Em
Strong De-liv-erer, Begining and End
       Am7    Bm7            Cmaj7    C/D
All within me falls at your throne

Your Majesty
  D/F#    Em
I can but bow
G/D       C
I lay my all
           Am    C/G D/F#
Before you now
C/D       G
In Royal Robes
D/F#       Em
I don't de-serve
G/D        C
I live to serve
     C/D  D7    G
Your Ma  jes - ty

D/F#  G  
D/F#  G

Verse 2:

Earth and Heaven, Worship You
Love Eternal, Faithful and True
Who bought the Nations
Randsomed souls
Brought this sinner near to Your throne
All within me cries in out in Praise

Chorus X2

D/F#  G  
D/F#  G