The Time is Running - Albina Perova

The time is running
Music and words by Albina Perova, 2016

Verse 1:
The times are coming, coming, coming
The times are running, running, running
The Bridegroom is close, He’s behind the door
And He is knocking, knocking, knocking
Open to Me My Rose of Sharon, Open to Me My Love


We agree with Your plans, we say “Yes” to Your acts
Jesus Holy, take the book and open up the seals
You were slain but now alive, by Your deaths You saved us
So Come Jesus Beloved!

Verse 2:

The world gets darker, darker, darker
And love in many getting colder
But I can hear His steps already at the door

Chorus 1,

Chorus 2:
 Your Bride gets brighter, brighter from the light of Your 
There’s passionate fire in her heart to the Beloved!

Chorus 1

Bridge: | Dm|Bb|F|Csus4:||

Come, Lord Jesus, Come!
We are waiting for You,
Come, Lord Jesus, Come
Our hearts are longing for You!

I don’t know how to call this part but here it is…:
| Dm|Bb|F|Am7||
The times are running, running, running
The Earth is yearning, yearning, yearning
For Your presence Righteous One, 
For Your presence Righteous One...